Energy Bars for Busy Workers

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Purpose: Provide people with stressful jobs and little time to eat with easily available and easy to eat food.

Kind: Commercial Product

Target Group: Managers, Workers, esp. in medical and emergency fields

Can be realized by: Food company

Scope: no idea, probably some market testing and product development

Problem: In many fields people do not have the time for a normal meal, esp. in medical fields (e.g., doctors, nurses).

Solution: Having easily available high nutrition food available in form of a kind of energy bar, but one that does not address outdoor people (who probably have different nutrition needs) but people working in stressful environments.

Feature list: The bar should have the following attributes

  • easy to store — Small and well protected.
  • easy to eat — Without leaving crumbs over expensive or delicate equipment. Without leaving traces on teeth or fingers.
  • high nutrition food that can be quickly transformed in energy — Not the time for delays.
  • healthy in the long-term — Could easily become the standard food for the weekdays, there should be no negative long-term effects.

Similar solutions: Energy bars but they serve different needs. The typical snacks (chocolate bars) are not healthy. Many other bars only appear to be healthy and cannot be eaten without leaving crumbs everywhere.

Influenced by: Tolkien’s Elven Bread, Energy Bars, a former partner who worked in a hospital.

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One Response to “Energy Bars for Busy Workers”

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