Computer Aided Drawing

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Purpose: Given the increasing prevalence of graphic tablets (iPads and Tablet PCs) and people who sketch and draw only electronically, these tablets can be used to train sketching/drawing as well.

Kind: App development

Target Group: People interested in learning to draw/sketch.

Can be realized by: Graphic Designers/Teachers

Scope: Weeks for the initial software

Problem: There are books that aim to teach drawing, usually by showing steps in drawing the image. However, it’s hard to get the steps in between.

Solution: Given that there are drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk SketchBook, Autodesk SketchBook Mobile, or Brushes that save every stroke (for undo), these programs can be used to teach drawing.

Feature list: It should have the following features:

  • The image that was drawn by the teacher is on the layer below the one(s) on which the learner draws.
  • The speed is either original or stepwise (forward/backward via buttons) or when the corresponding line is drawn by the learner.
  • Audio commentaries (thinking aloud) give explanation why something is drawn in a certain way.
  • The image that is to be drawn is also displayed.
  • Sharing of drawn images and collective annotations should be supported.
  • For courses where actual teachers are involved, the data can be shared how the image was drawn to give detailed feedback on the drawing style.

Similar solutions: Videos filming someone drawing are around but so far I haven’t seen an integration in a drawing software.

Influenced by: Drawing software, books, etc.

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One Response to “Computer Aided Drawing”

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